Friday, August 28, 2009

The Cellar Dweller (Tweets)

~In the cellar you can set your mind at ease. In the cellar you'll be cool but you won't freeze. In the cellar it's as nice as it can be...~

Just added myself to the twitter directory under: #humor #wisdom #spirituality #weird #obsessive

I put a fake town though.

Humorously wise, spiritually weird, and obsessively paranoid about everything. Are there followers for a cellar dweller such as I?

I have vaulted all the way to #299 of those with "weird" for a search word at wefollow. PLEASE, I must not fall into the 300s again!

Good grief, I just realized, I can't be blocking porn merchants and people with naughty profiles. I need the numbers to stay above 300!

So...I'm having a sale for followers...any crumb may follow me. You will stay until I get actual people to replace you. It'll be extra work.

Quick, say something humorous... Uh... I just watched "West Side Story." Now I'm looking for the sequel, "East Side Story." ?? No good?

OK, that's not funny. How about this? The Republicans don't want hetero- or homo-. They want BI-partisanship!

I just slipped to 300 on the wefollow rankings. With a down arrow. So thanks a lot. (It's my fault for blocking that naughty profile lady.)

But 300 is still pretty good. Better than 310, which I hope I never see. But I'm going to need your help. Everyone follow HARDER, c'mon!

300, wasn't that the name of a famous movie a few years ago? I didn't see it but I think it had to do with 300 guys doing something weird.

I like weird movies, the weirder the better. Like Kafka stuff, The Castle, Trial, &c Or Fellini's 8½. Any movie bluffs out there, BLUFFS?

But being in the 300s is closer to the cellar, which I like. If I were in the top 100 or, God forbid, the top 10, I would die from anxiety.

So be careful what you wish for. I'm now GLAD I'm at 300. If I go lower, so much the better. In fact I may need to drop out completely.

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