Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Rotating The Sacred Back Scratcher

I'm just sitting here. I can't even fathom anything about what I'm supposed to be doing with the Grange Sisterhood affair. At this point it's a mush in my mind. But of course I do know something about sacred swords. I'm very clear on that.

And thank God for laziness, because I was too lazy to get my swords out of their cases. Because it prompted me to reach over and get this back scratcher. Which has been very helpful to me in terms of focusing my thoughts.

Yesterday I had it pictured the other way around, with the white thing at the bottom. Today, just for the heck of it, I rotated the picture, and ... Whoa! There's some powerful universal influences happening here! But I'm not afraid ... "Good back scratcher, relaaax...," stroking it, then cutting it into a million pieces with one of my swords. The pieces scurry around my floor and are immediately beamed up.

Just a little joke there.

But seriously, the energies of the re-dubbed sacred back scratcher are way different when it's flipped on the other end.

It's like a person standing there with no arms. I've got it setting here and I'm gazing at it. Gazing, ever so deeply ... gazing... My eyes are crossing, relaaaxing, ever more...

Then in one compelling snap, my mind is suddenly at rapt attention and I bring my eyes to the hole at the bottom. No longer is it a tiger's eye. I don't want to spell it out what it is, but if you turn it around it reminds me of Dick Cheney. But, hey, everyone's got one. I'd hate to go through life without it. You know, keep it clean and everyone's happy. My dog was scooting hers around on the floor one day, meaning it was time for a bath.

But I'm looking at it from the front. Which is a very procreative view. Mother Nature perhaps, then gazing into infinity. And there are male energies as well. Nothing with the traditional form, but that's to be expected. For as should be obvious, the traditional form suggests limits, bringing in comparisons. But what we see here is limited only by your imagination. And I'm imagining some very bold strutting. Like a Cutlass XL850, the stallion of swords!

O, the energies are too much there, to be sure!

I will just work with the thing for a while... My fingers are grasping it, not my palm, right around the indentation toward the top... Holding infinity at arm's length... Very lightweight... Dangling... I bring it up to lightly scratch my chin... Tickles... The front hole is a little close... But there's such energy I gaze in... It's happy to see me... I'm gazing on universal procreation... I see all species being born from a common source of light... They are enveloping each other with joy and yielding... A seagull snaps up a tiny fish... I am the last one to see it flash brightly in the sun... Fish sounds kind of good tonight...

I cover the whole bottom part with my grasp... I can picture it blowing a hole in my hand from the back... But I hope it squelches it... Then from the front, such procreative power, I might end up with three more fingers... Hope not, people already look at me funny... I'm about to do something that no one should do... Here goes...

[Flip, whap.] That's right... I flipped it completely over and it's horizontal on my desk in front of me, the head to my left... Now it's time for a full body massage... Pressing it up and down... I have a tiny cloth to cover the butt... Working out its tensions... We don't get many back scratchers in here... Tell your friends... Now a few light karate chops... I've seen massages on TV... I think we know each other pretty well by now... I take off the cloth... Give him and her a light slap on the butt... And flip it over... Bring it back to the upright, prone position... Then lay it aside gently, because I'm nearly finished... I close my eyes, then open them -- I'm finished.

Like that, it's over. It's no longer sacred. I toss it back over and it makes a loud noise when it hits my oatmeal bowl still setting there from this morning.

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