Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Tweets - 08-05-2009

For 'Brutal Honesty Day' I cleared out a corner in the garage and I'm sitting staring at it. This is how Medicine Men see visions, I hear.

An hour ago I saw a spider walk by. He didn't seem concerned that a giant was staring at him. What if I had a lightning-fast tongue?

I'm envisioning the Grange Brotherhood in my Mind's Eye, but not dwelling on it. I must be open only to what comes, not pictured notions.

It's anticlimactic, I know, to absolutely know I will see victory. But I can't pretend otherwise. That's positive brutal honesty, best kind.

The 3 R's of group dynamics: 1 aRrange / 2 Reconnoiter / 3 Ruminate

The R is an amazing letter. It seems like you can have the 3 R's to every subject, a most helpful mnemonic if you can keep them straight.

Four hours of visions of fiery devil hordes gets kind of boring after a while. I might order a pizza for dinner.

Please, if I see one more vision of bloody hands I'm going to call for an ambulance. Show me something I haven't seen. Cliches.

There's a red-eyed devil, giant fiery head, breathing sulphur in my face three inches close. I'm filing my nails. Thanks for the light, son.

Finally out of the medicine lodge -- garage -- I sweat up a storm. Going to fill the stock tank and take a good long soak. Get some Calgon.

I hope everyone's had a great 'Brutal Honesty Day'!

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