Sunday, August 23, 2009

Mrs. Hunley

It's a cozy little world I have here (Twitter), 18-30 of the wittiest, wisest people in the world.

I wish mrshunley would follow me. She looks like a kindergarten teacher. I'm older than her but I'd call her Old Lady Hunley.

How do you communicate with people to tell them to follow you if you're following them? Do you just sit and wait patiently?

C'mon Hunley!

It's a crazy system that I can see her but she can't see me.

It's like I'm mute behind a one way mirror.

Mrs. Hunley, Mrs. Hunley, men have named you. You're so like the lady with the mystic smile. Is it only 'cause you're lonely they....

...have named you, for that Mrs. Hunley strangeness in your smile. Oh do you smile to tempt a kindergartner, Mrs. Hunley,...

...or is this the way to hide a broken heart. Are you warm, are you real, Mrs. Hunley ... or just a sad and lonely, lovely work of art?

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