Thursday, August 6, 2009

Tweets - 08-06-2009

'Dance of Doom' or not, I'm going tomorrow night.

I'm sorry Twitter went down today, right when I was trying to txt updates. It seems the Grange Brotherhood wants to play rough, take me out.

It's a tough responsibility, having the ends of the earth devolving upon you, being at the center of existence, but it beats being ignored.


I didn't do much with Twitter today because the site crashed. Plus I have a tiny handful of followers and I didn't want to overwhelm them with my conspiracy theories, messianic complexes, and plans to go to the dance Friday night.

To have actual readers (let's say they read what other people write) is a very inhibiting thing. In an odd twist, to me it's more liberating to scream your lungs out in an empty warehouse. Then you go home, take a shower and forget it.

That's why Hitler went bad, you know. Because he didn't know what to do with all his followers except continually up his game. So the more followers he got, the worse he had to be.

Because of Hitler's defeat we haven't been able to completely explore outer space. Let me explain. Had he conquered the Earth, his followers would've demand he become worse and worse, you see. So he would've stepped up the space program, having all the world's scientists under his control. By 1958, when the Russians were screwing around with one measly Sputnik, we would've already taken total war to the Martians, the Venusians, and the Klingons.

Hitler perfectly proves my point. Having actual followers is a lot of pressure.

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