Monday, August 10, 2009

Tweets - 08-10-2009


My activity at that website came in one burst of energy, as I'd had the whole day to think about my revelatory dream, written about earlier.


There's 1000 directions this thing with the Grange Brotherhood could go, but thank God for that revelatory dream last night. It was cool.

Over there you've got Super Octopus, seething, pulsating tentacles. Over here, Snake Head Man, with snake chambers like Whack-A-Mole boxes

If they ever make my 'Grandma Slump' blog into a movie, I'll get extremely rich just off the action figures.

They're in a death grip. Octopus has tentacle suction cups all over Snake's hood. But Snake darts out a metallic tongue and moves him back!

Then it's Arms vs. Tentacles, 2 vs. 8, the odds are in Octopus' favor, until the snake boxes open and the tiny biting heads each sink in.

Snake Man has to twist and turn to allow them to take Octopus, and says, nicely, "Let me know when you're done back there!"

With dreams like that I hope I never wake up. If I could find some reliable way to Velcro this bedpan in place, I'd never have to. Dream on.


Do you know what Skoal chewing tobacco's slogan is? "Welcome to the Brotherhood." Is that a sign?

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