Friday, August 28, 2009

Everything's Coming Up Roses (Tweets)

Coffee primes the pump.

Free your head. Just don't be surprised if it doesn't come back.

Everything's coming up roses. Bad news for tulips.

When plumbers dance, of course they're clogging.

It's 10:18, time for local weather on the 8's. Dry and warm everywhere that it's not wet and cold. (See ya in 10 minutes.)

OPEN-MIC NIGHT: ~I sing because I'm happy~ (Big grin.) ~I sing because I'm free~ (Demonstrating no handcuffs.) ~His eye is on the sparrow~ ?

If you can`t do it right then don't do it. Do not do it if you can't do it right.

Guess which way the Wright Brother's fight or flight instinct led them.

Millions for tribute, not one cent for charity!

Someone was giving the secret to being a great conversationalist. I had my conversation when I was a kid and they immediately baptized me.

Drastic Climate Change Forecast for Kansas: Kansas, you think you have a Brownback NOW. Just wait till the average temperature is 110!

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