Sunday, October 11, 2009

Another Day Of Being Stern With Myself

I've got a couple minutes before I start making incredible demands on my mind and body, demands like getting out of this easy chair.

Once I set my mind to it, I will arise. All the despondent devils in the world won't be able to hold me down.

I have another day of being stern with myself. Because I know if I don't I will waste away like every other cream puff.

But I have found some of the well hidden realms where self-esteem, confidence, and pride dwell. I have unlocked the gate and gone in.

I've found I'm actually very much at home here. I'm a guy who likes the top of the world. The valleys weren't my home.

OK. Time's up! I must make a swift and graceful departure. The time has come to shine. Be stern with yourself and you'll have self-esteem!

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