Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Double The Chances Of Finding My Double


What if my double doesn't actually exist, that the whole thing about having a double somewhere in the world is a myth?

It wouldn't have to be a myth exactly. It might be that there is a double for people on average, but averages mean some are left out.

Averages or not, I'm not usually left out ... so I will persevere!

And I'm not going to be discouraged, because part of the fun of life is the looking. Never really knowing what's over the next hill.

If he's out there, and he truly is my double, that means he's busy looking too, giving us double the chances of finding each other.

And both of us have the advantage in that we make snap judgments, meaning we don't have to linger too long over false leads or obvious mismatches.

So if anyone in the crowd is a false lead or an obvious mismatch, please step out of the way to minimize our processing time.

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