Monday, October 12, 2009

To Be Made Of Sterner Stuff


It's good to be made of sterner stuff.

A cream puff existence is not the best.

Picture yourself in the center of life, with the dynamic winds of Spirit blowing on you.

It is best to find a balance, so it's not all one thing and it's not all another.

I'm thinking of two kinds of wind, as opposites: 1) Stern wind; 2) Cream puff wind.

For a well balanced life you will have some of each. Stern wind when you're growing in attention. Cream puff when it's time to rest.

The jets are in place and you regulate them. "Stern jets on! On! On!" Feel that attention! The self-esteem is growing and your confidence.

Then it's time for balance -- don't forget that. "Stern jets off! Off! Off!" And cream puff jets on, then later off, depending on how it is.

After Lunch:

After lunch I tend to get a cream puff mentality. I could use a nap. The cream puff winds (Spirit) are blowing on my possibilities.

And yet I still have the rest of the day ahead that demands something more stern, some stern winds (Spirit) to blow this direction.

I should've restricted myself to one burger at lunch. I could've but I didn't think of it. I would've if I would've thought of it.

But now it's in my mid section somewhere, I cannot blame food for my lethargy. It takes willpower to overcome burger power. I'll do it!

Let the four winds blow. From the East -- Stern Wind. From the South -- Stern Wind. From the West -- Stern Wind. (I don't like North).


Steady growth followed by dog day doldrums.

I don't know that people resonate with a doctrine of personal sternness. I am a man of sternness living among Creampufferians.

Even the Brit.ney person seems to have abandoned me. So ... thank G-----------------------------------d for small favors. I serve a BIG God.

I'm not really THAT stern. I'm just driven to excel at whatever I do, whether it's sitting on the couch or looking out the window.

At this time of day I'm much more of a cream puff. Because I'm tired and slightly withdrawn. Not sullen by any means. Thinking about dinner.

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