Saturday, October 17, 2009

King For The Day

Like I was saying, my focus is so often outward, tending to the needs of others. This is generally true of teachers of lifestyle science, self-esteem, pride, confidence, group dynamics, spirituality, and wisdom; we're just so driven to help that we put others ahead of ourselves.

But of course we can't do that all the time or there won't be anything here at home left to give! Grandma was my first wisdom coach and she used to tell me the story of Old Mother Hubbard, who, if memory served, often checked her cupboards to make sure they were bare. I can't go through life like that.

So, for today only, at least, I'm cutting all others loose. Others can sink or swim on their own for one day. Or drift in the open waters if they're lucky enough to have a floating conveyance device of some sort. Or cool their heels in the waiting room. Or take a number and get in line, with some self-regulating system of substitution or the honor system in case they need to go to the bathroom, and be patient until the window or door opens again and I'm able to see them.

Today I'm naming myself "King for the Day," and I'm giving all my focus to myself, lifting up my virtues and adding to them with both intense study and leisure time. I'm studying myself, not with the need to apply theories and established teachings to my own psyche, but simply to be. To relax and to let the insights check into themselves for a change.

Let's divide the world the way it really is, OK? And just be frank. There's the needy multitudes and there's the helping few. The needy multitudes are never going to go away. Maybe we'll help one or two and lift them from their doldrums. But ultimately, in our lifetimes anyway, they're never going to get it. To help them is to put a bandage on cancer. Helping them may be our mission and livelihood, but it's always two steps forward, three steps back. In other words, they can wait till tomorrow. Because the problems they have today will still be there.

The second group are the helping few. And we who are among that group need to help ourselves occasionally, recognizing that we're up here on a higher plane, and can stay here if we don't give it up. So it's important once in a while to do what I'm doing, and I recommend it to the other helpers out there: Keep your own self-esteem levels high, maintain your confidence, be happy yourself in your own skin, etc. See, I'm even helping the helpers! That's how hard it is to pull away and name yourself "King for the Day"!

OK, so now I am officially "King for the Day." It's time for me to take care of myself, to celebrate myself alone. I'm a mental dynamo. I have the dynamism that it takes to excel. All systems are go. My inner being is purring along. There's no sputtering. I can take stock and see I've got what it takes. I was designed to be a success. My thoughts are well honed. When I search, I find. I can barely suppress my happiness. I think it and it's done. You can't touch this. Life hasn't passed me by.

As "King for the Day" I'm just going to peek out the window, just raise one of the blinds ever so slightly. Oh! Just doing that got their hopes up! There was a clamor even over something so slight. A few of the very attentive ones up front saw it and passed the word. And now the ones in back think the message is that the doors are about to open. So they're pressing ahead, making the ones in the middle very confused as to what's going on, because they thought they had the message right, and irritating the ones up front, who knew it was only a blind being cracked. I saw someone's drink get sloshed around.

Bring it back in, "King for the Day." You've got more in your little pinky than they have in their entire-- Quit thinking of them! It's you today. You, me alone. I will stand exalted. I will take a mental dip in some of the world's highest wisdom, which I already know, not by complete memory but in its essence. I've been over it enough! The whole focus is right here, indicating the head. As above, so below. There's not one thing missing. There's a perfect circle of elders. Their crowns are golden. The glorified middle is perfection. It is known in its essence as very large, gargantuan, or midsized, or very small, as miniscule, or as not even seen. But its glory radiates everything, which I can see, not here at the forehead like a movie, but here, back, as something seem without looking.

They're brushing up against the door, the many. They don't want to be put off. The screen door makes pounds the door frame with the slightest push. Must put them out of mind! For today, at least! I'd love to tell them, Please stand back, push back! But it'd only give them hope.

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