Saturday, October 31, 2009

Yes, You're Headless, But Focus On What You Have


How do you teach self-esteem to the Headless Horseman? Don't live regretting what you HAVEN'T got. Appreciate what you DO have.

I can't say everything I know about the Headless Horseman. He is a client after all and deserves his privacy. Plus, it's the law.

But he'd tell you himself, so not much of it's a big secret. Also I can talk in generalities, referring to "A guy I heard of one time."

Anyway, there's this guy I heard of one time. Rode a horse, didn't have a head. And struck terror in the hearts of everyone along the way.

They thought, "What's he want?" Each one, of course, thought they knew, and felt their neck and chin uneasily, with a lot of fear.

Then, let's say, this OTHER lifestyle-sciences coach, NOT me, was there, also huddled with the people. He alone knew what was going on.

He knew about the Headless Horseman's real problem, having diagnosed it one time in the guy's cabin, that self-esteem was at the root of it.

So with a few well-chosen words--along with much intuition and a real heart-sense for people--he led the Horseman in a personal inventory.

If even a Headless Horseman could be helped by these principles, it stands to reason that all of us could benefit from a boost now and then.

UPDATE: I saw the Headless Horseman necking with his girlfriend.

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