Friday, October 23, 2009

The Muses Are Happy To Inspire Us


Our national observance, "Be Kind To Your Muse Day," is coming to a close. So if I may, I'll try to say a few inspired things about it.

Of course I'm going to need a little help, a boost, from somewhere, so I'm looking to my own muse for the words to say.

It'd be handier, I'd say, if I could just think of something on my own. And why not? I don't think of myself as a blank slate.

So perhaps it will be a joint effort, my muse and me. So, dear muse, I've been kind to you all day as the observance calls for.

What is there left to say about it? Are the muses happy with all the people -- artists, writers, musicians -- who've honored them today?

"Yes, we are very pleased to have today's tribute. We are the ones who inspire others, but today you have inspired us."

Well said, of course! Speaking for myself, that definitely makes me think we ought to pause more than just once a year to honor you.

I say this because of the muses' tireless efforts, and especially because we take credit for the things you inspire, you deserve more.

"Thank you for those kind words. But in fact it is a blessing for us to inspire the best in others, and our reward is in their work."

How gracious, dear muse, and, again, well said! I'd like to thank you for being my guest today at the house here and on Twitter too.

"If I could just say to the people of Twitter, look to us for your inspiration -- the muses -- and your tweets will be so much greater!"

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