Monday, October 19, 2009

A Man In Full Wolf

The myth of the werewolf -- man becoming wolf -- haunted my childhood, part of it; the other part was haunted by the story of the Headless Horseman.

But today's post is on Your Inner Wolf. Anything I have to say about Your Inner Headless Horseman will have to wait, perhaps till Halloween.

We're used to hearing about our various Innards -- our Inner Superman and our Inner Piranha are just two that come to mind. But you could take anything, virtually anything, and say there's an Inner that. Your Inner Garden, Inner Fish, Inner Dumpling, Inner Turkey. Maybe we'll do Your Inner Turkey when we get closer to Thanksgiving. Your Inner Santa Claus! That would be a good one, because we know we have one. But all those have to wait.

I'm thinking of your Inner Wolf today, really for no other reason than Why not?

Among animals that are suggestive of self-esteem, confidence, and pride, it's usually the more aggressive, self-sufficient ones that we think of. The lion and tiger among the cats. The wolf among the dogs. They are on the lookout for prey and don't put up with a lot of guff. I know I'd hate to meet a "Hungry Like A Wolf" wolf out on a moonlight night.

Sometimes they run alone, sometimes in packs. No one really knows where they come from when they show up and no one knows where they go. They're notorious for just being there in your face. They're beautiful seen at a distance but frightening if they're lunging at you right up close. I personally am not a big wolf fan, except I think they're OK as long as they're nowhere near me.

Still, regardless of my feelings for literal wolves, I resonate with the idea of the wolf, psychologically speaking. Especially if it's me who's manifesting the Inner Wolf and not someone else. And when I speak of the Inner Wolf, I'm not talking about romance, stalking, being devious, seeking prey, or trying to scare people while staring into a camera going from completely hairless to the Full Lon Chaney. Or the Full Michael Landon.

What I resonate with is the sudden upsurge in confidence. The ability to move through the world with the pride of place. Not discouraged by guff. The self-esteem that says "Move out of the way" to all the wounded elk. That says "I'm not going to be easily put off."

The person who thinks of his or her consciousness in this way is not easily put off. It's a consciousness that I personally need today. Not that anyone's going to put me off. I don't think they will. But I tend to put myself off. Such as not having the confidence to hold my head high and say, "I'm not accomplishing a thing, that's true. But I'm a living creature who will proudly demand my next meal anyway."

So, what you're looking at -- if you could see me now -- is a man in the course of transformation. When I started this post I was like a wounded elk, yawning, wondering if I could get it done. But as I went along, I was talking to myself, entreating something deep within myself to come out. And because I had it in mind, the concept of the Inner Wolf, that's exactly what came forth. It really is there! "As a man thinketh, so he is."

Here I am ... consciously "A Man In Full Wolf," and that's the way I will think the rest of the morning. I recommend it to you.

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