Monday, October 26, 2009

They're Called "Warring Angels" For A Reason


I said my hedgerow of warring angels, that I and they are not going to be lashing out, because we do things micro-surgically. That's true.

But keep in mind what they're called: A hedgerow of "WARRING ANGELS." Ultimately, I don't have any control over what they might do.

The way I picture them, warring and everything, is that they can be very mean. And with supernatural powers, it could be hard to stop them.

Our relationship is a good one. That's been how it's been. I know this by their grace and love, as well as the fact that I'm still alive.

It's the hedgerow of warring angels that keeps me mellow so I'm NOT lashing out. If there's any unpleasantness, that's their business.

I'm sure that in the course of an ordinary day, like today, they're more or less at ease, although they still keep an eye out for others.

If I hear someone unexpected come in, they perk up. If someone says something nasty to me or takes me to task, their swords are in hand.

Meaning what for ME? There's a shifting in my consciousness, going from my everyday, normal attitude, to one of alert, enforced mellowness.

Why mellowness? What's more disarming than to meet someone on completely different terms? Very few people know how to handle it.

As to what happens when they're away from me, again, I have no control over that. If one of the hedgerow "gets them," that's not my fault.

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