Sunday, October 4, 2009

This Moment!

You wouldn't believe the change in me in the last 30 minutes. I was as low as I could be, but now I'm kicking vast quantities of mental A.

I'm stomping, trompling my way, hacking a path with a honed machete ... all through self-esteem, pride, and confidence-building insights.

Do I sell books, tapes, CDs? Do I give presentations of carefully chewed, masticated, overly processed psychological mush. No! God forbid.

I simply take the battlefield of my mind, the mental waste that I live through, and examine it.

Then something, some intervening, supervising, present (but laid back), active soul force ... steps up and says, "Thus far and no farther!"

I turn to look at the past: "You've already happened, you scourge!" Then to the future: "You've already NOT happened, you scourge!"

That leaves me with what I have, what you have. The present moment.

Then that soul force, who I'd love to get on a more demanding contract, the terms in my favor, finally comes striding out of hiding...

And once he or she or it strides out... There's a price to pay... Don't get in its way... You may get kicked to death...

Seriously, there's no danger to bystanders. The only danger there is ... is to my bad attitude, my misery, my regrets, and my fears.

At that moment, at THIS moment ... the day breaks, the sun streams in ... and, like I said, vast quantities of mental A limps away bruised.

Live in the moment, my friends. That's a million dollar self-esteem idea that is easy to say ... but is only accomplished through your will.

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