Tuesday, October 6, 2009


Well, I think I made my point about paranoia today. I'm sure we can all agree it's an interesting aspect of life.

Yes, sometimes paranoia is very debilitating. You feel hogtied by mental forces too powerful for you, untamed forces that take no prisoners.

But, as I've been stressing all day, look on the bright side. It's not all bad. With paranoia you have a sense of caution that is unmatched.

You can see everything that comes your way. That's true because well over half of it is imaginary.

If I can help one paranoid person, just one besides myself, then my job is done and I'm happy.

The rest of you, I don't know what to do about you. I can well imagine what you think of me. I'm a little worried what might happen here.

But...I guess I must carry on. I've made it this far in life without being totally engulfed. So I guess I will probably live till tomorrow.

Speaking of tomorrow. I've been casting about for another good self-esteem, personal confidence, and "Drive-for-Pride" teaching, a theme.

And there's ONE thing that keeps popping into my mind. Just one. And that's to have BIG GOALS in life. Not just little piddly stuff ... BIG.

So that's what it will be: BIG GOALS. Like me, I have about 50 books next to my bed with a bookmark in each at page 4. I have BIG GOALS.

Will I ever meet my goals? I constantly have to pare them down and forget them. But I still have them, a new one taking the old one's place.

The BIG trip I'm always going to take. That Ph.D. I'm hoping to get SOMEDAY. A wife and kids. A better house, a BIG house. These are goals.

Self-esteem, pride, and confidence are enhanced by having BIG GOALS.

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