Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Forces Known and Unknown Arrayed Against Me

There seems to be a movement underway at Twitter to limit my tweets' audience, hence their effectiveness.

Some force, some entity -- person or persons unknown -- are keeping my follower base artificially low.

There's a reason for this -- of course I know the reason, as do they. It might not be to my advantage to say what that reason is.

I have the knowledge, however, that truth is more powerful, that truth will out.

Still, it's personally disheartening for me to see what all is arrayed against me, as I labor diligently to teach about self-esteem.

Know this -- whoever you are -- that I have my eyes open, and that what you consider secret moves are clear to me and becoming clearer.

Such has it always been through time. The names and faces change, but it's the same basic force at work, which never wins.

So do your best (or should I say WORST). Because whether I have 1 follower or 17804, I will continue to teach about personal confidence.

My "Drive-for-Pride" will continue despite your efforts to stifle me. Pride, self-esteem, and confidence will not perish from the earth.

And anyone who says I'm simply being "paranoid," who would be quick to dismiss me, can study the evidence. There's no other explanation.

All right, I'm done for now. You're on notice. And I know how it goes. You've backed into the shadows a little more. But you'll be back!

I just jumped! The phone rang right when I was finishing my last tweet there. I thought maybe it was THEM. But it wasn't. That's a relief.

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