Thursday, October 15, 2009

Brutally Honest With Little Hocus Pocus

Please forgive the hocus pocus, but how else can I say it?

Just saying it is hocus pocus. So maybe I'll just stand here and point up, or down, or nowhere. Maybe pointing nowhere is best.

The focus is extremely playful with the hocus pocus, but the hocus pocus isn't playful with the focus. That's usually a problem.

The hocus pocus is way too serious when it comes to the focus. Like I'm being now, but I'm trying to be playful.

Good morning, Mrs. Focus. Can Focus come out to play? "No, Hocus. Because Focus knows you don't like playing."

And if I can be brutally honest, Hocus ... that's the way it's been with all you Pocuses, going back to your Great Grandfather Pocus.

So little Hocus Pocus goes away very sad.

Today -- for several minutes today -- I had the focus without hocus pocus. Let me say it: The focus is definitely here, there, or somewhere.

But ever since I had the focus without hocus pocus, I've been doing hocus pocus, so guess what ... the focus has again escaped me.

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