Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Taking The Bad With The Good

I am accepting of common sense, that sometimes things go well, sometimes they don't. That you have to take the bad with the good.

I am perfectly accepting of this truth, that sometimes I will be comfortable and sometimes I won't.

The truth that things will swing from pleasant to unpleasant, then perhaps from unpleasant back to pleasant, is a truth I accept.

I embody this truth by recognizing it and by accepting it. I say both "Let the good times roll" and whatever the opposite of that is.

It's a very basic subject, but one people still stumble at. If the spirit is still with me in the morning, I will delve into it in depth.

Why is this on my mind? Well, it usually is. Plus I was reading a book that went into the subject of our mixed experiences as part of life.

An example. I normally consider it GOOD if I can be in this philosophical fog. I normally consider it BAD that I have to clean the cat box.

And guess what ... the cats have been in the box repeatedly today, and they still don't know how to work the shovel.

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