Sunday, October 25, 2009

Be True To This Glorious Quest


OK, it's the last go-around for the Quest. If you feel like going on the Quest, grab for the brass ring. It's now or never.

You can see there's more to it than a reasonable person might guess, being "willing to march into Hell / For a heavenly cause."

I mean, c'mon, that's deadly stuff. There I go, marching into Hell. I look around, plant Heaven's flag, and it bursts into flames.

But there I am and my group of self-esteem, confidence, and pride students, looking at me like they hope I know what I'm doing.

I do a few Hulk Hogan crunches and show my undying confidence by ripping through my T-shirt, revealing my well-ripped torso and pecs.

We're on a Quest. I recommend it. It may have its bad side, like most trips to Hell do. But it's all in a day's work. The Impossible Dream.

Look at it this way: Is sitting on the couch vegetating really that much better of an life? In the end, what have you got to show for it?

But with a real true blue Quest in life, like the song says, "My heart will lie peaceful and calm / When I'm laid to my rest."

I think that describes me pretty well. But the song also says that only happens "If I'll only be true / To this glorious quest."

If I'm not true to the Quest, if I discount it, if I shirk my duties, what I know to be right, the best path, then I'll get squat.

So are you with me? Are you going on this Quest? Maybe not MY Quest, but YOUR Quest? If you are, let's have a rallying cry! YEAH! WOO-HOO!

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