Sunday, July 14, 2013

Paywall -- I Know You're Out There

I haven't heard from anyone yet about their subscription plan. I'm tapping the computer, it seems to be on. So it must be something else. I seriously want to encourage you, if it's courage you need, to please hurry up and get your financial info to me, and which subscription plan you've chosen. I can't delay the paywall much longer.

I think maybe I started something yesterday. In not hearing from you, I may have inadvertently insulted those of you who would otherwise have chosen either the Daily or Weekly plan. My designating of those levels "Wimps" and "Banties," and using other words denoting weakness, was only to give the sense of them in relation to the better, stronger plans. It was only my personal opinion, or sense of them, and I didn't mean to denigrate or demean anyone who would choose them.

All that said, the same truth holds, that you definitely have stronger options than to go with the bare minimum, cheapest option you can find. That's how it is throughout life. Like cars. If our first choice is just any old broken down clunker, obviously we are not going to get very far, either physically in transportation, or physically with any date that we may otherwise have had.

The way I've always seen it is that money doesn't buy happiness. Happiness starts in you, in your core, and only can be significantly aroused and strengthened by your money and your willingness to part with it. As an example, I presently have a dog, Underbrush, who was free. I love her with all my heart. But if I had purchased a dog, certainly that would also be good. Like one of those big fluffy white Newfoundlands that are so cool. They have to cost a lot! And since they eat like a horse, that'd take a lot of money. Meaning, I could just skip the middleman and buy a horse.

There's another possibility why some of you may be so slow to get your financial info to me, and your subscription plan, and that's because you're mad. Paywalls can be like that, bringing out the best or the worst in everyone. I know how strong those resolutions are: "I'll never ... blah blah blah." Hell, I've even said them myself, I'm now ashamed to admit.

But in my case, I've allowed cooler heads to prevail, and have acceded to whatever the demand of the moment was. Consequently, of course, I've had bills like you wouldn't believe. But I've been happy, even as, yes, naturally I know at some level I've been the host and some other guy the parasite. Now it's my turn. Think of yourself as a useful cog in the apparatus of free enterprise.

So where does this leave us? It leaves me waiting, impatiently, but as patiently as I can. And it leaves you with only one wise choice, either to go with my Daily, Weekly, Monthly, or Yearly plan. You definitely do not want to miss out! The paywall is going up very soon, and you don't want to be shut out of my blog!

I may not know everything about you. But of course I know enough to get you in big trouble if I don't hear from you real soon, PDQ, as in "Pronto, Tonto!", mister or ma'am, dear reader. I'm sorry, I'm sorry. I didn't mean to sound threatening. I'm pleading, come on, good sport, loyal friend! Get your body in motion -- hey, hey! -- let's hear from you today! Are you sending it yet?

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