Thursday, November 7, 2019

The Wreckers Are Coming!

 Part 7 of 30
There's Death In Them Thar Drawers

We’re looking here at imminent destruction. I wake up and survey the situation on a daily basis. And with authority I can report that it's not just imminent, it’s already here and well underway. Of course being a prophet these days is unprofitable. But it's in my bones, warn the bastards!

In times like these we need a beacon, in times like these a clarion call. I'm very sure, I'm very sure, don't put me off, it could be the death of us all. I might give a signal, say, on the top of the highest building. Or in an airplane flying through the air, maybe already airborne, trailing a message behind that all could see. And nothing would drive the message home any better than “The Wreckers Are Not Just Coming, They’re Here!” If it weren’t for the public panic I’d rent the plane myself. An expense that would break me.

But if there’s a headline, a commentary on this sad state of affairs, it has to be that. The Wreckers Are Coming. With the onslaught coming simultaneously from two different perspectives, the old double-pronged sword, threatening to cleave asunder both meat and bone, straight to the marrow, gettin' right down to the real nitty gritty.

In times like these. What a refrain! In times like these all of us must be patriots to our way of life, keeping sex only within narrow well-defined socially-proscribed boundaries. It's gonna be hard, and that's the problem. Calling all of us who be patriots to our reaffirm our values, the things passed down to us as a once-rich legacy from the preceding generations, grandma and grandpa, who themselves knew no better but believed it anyway.

But I’ve got to take a break before I can stem the tide. And take a knee, bowing in solemnity to their memory. Their sex led to a mother and several siblings, who -- whether they knew it or not -- believed just as I believe. I didn’t make this up. Their marrow is my marrow, their 'morrow is my 'morrow, we're basically related by DNA, the shared connection of grandparent to grandparent, etc., etc. Get us together and we could beat this dead horse all day.

It's still important, though, so let's get to it: THE WRECKERS ARE COMING. Pulling down the walls that held society up, as well as the walls that held back the vain libido of men and women alike from over-mixing, bringing into play everything from the bone right up her maiden voyage, bon voyage; on that front the ship's left the station.

Today, then, right now, as people breach those barriers, we’re seeing them come together, flesh of the flesh -- yours, mine, and ours -- with all drawers forever flappin’ in the wind, once removed -- and all things exposed to the light of day and the darkness of the hour. Indeed, there's death in them thar drawers! God help us as they bust through.

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