Wednesday, November 4, 2009

All Due Diligence Wins The Day


Having all due diligence in life, the resolve and strength to get your responsibilities and duties accomplished, is the way to go.

You want to be a strong person with achievements? Then BE a strong person with achievements. It all starts with your desire.

But desire alone doesn't do a thing. There's a whole mental framework standing behind desire. That's where our focus needs to be.

Each day if we set our mind, we're on the way. Set it for a number of purposes. These include not just doing our job, but our spirit in it.

It's easier to do a job when your heart's in it. But it's also good to let your heart know who's boss. Fulfill responsibilities and duties.

Mental strength is not just following your bliss (in that sense of somewhere else), but making the life I have now my bliss.

Yes, there are goals and dreams, but there's also all the unpaid bills from yesterday. These need to be honored as well.

To be truly happy, we take care of our business with all due diligence, like a man at an anvil, slugging it out every single day.

It's not drudgery -- it's life itself. It is easy to appreciate and treasure it when the mental framework is truly set in place.

Today, I will live my life with all due diligence. Nothing is going to sway me. I will accomplish, achieve, and probably be tired tonight.

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