Tuesday, November 3, 2009

My Mind Is Strictly Set


My mind is set today. The settings are in place. I expect good things as I do things in a good way.

My personal discipline today will be such that I will have very few regrets, perhaps none, when the day ends.

My mind is set in a strict way, but it's also set that the strictness will not be obvious to those I meet.

It is set to respond to every situation with calmness and perspective.

If my house is on fire, I will calmly explain to the fire department that I would appreciate a visit as soon as possible.

If I'm approached by an ax-wielding maniac in an alley, I will calmly use misdirection to divert his attention, then run like the devil.

Running like the devil may sound frantic and not calm, but it's always beneficial to set your mind in harmony with instinct. That IS calm.

When it comes to interpersonal relations, I will give everyone a kind look. I will silently be trying to understand them, their problems.

One thing I will know, their problem will probably come down to this -- Their minds aren't set. They didn't set them.

Like anyone, I'm looking for reasonable advantages for myself. I will not give up my advantages, but I won't exploit others to their harm.

One question for you today: Is YOUR mind set? Are you going to set it?

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