Monday, November 2, 2009

Beyond The Old Grind

Put your nose to the grindstone.

That's the way to get things done. I think the old phrase means it may be painful but to get it accomplished you have to dive right in.

You might have just been innocently sniffing a grindstone and someone started it up. If anyone could be said to be "innocently" sniffing things. There has to be something devious about it.

As weird as the whole thing is, we has some idea what it means. Then it gets related to the whole reputation of hard work, that it's a grind.

Back to the old grind. Two weeks of vacation, then 50 weeks of the same old grind. Or you could switch it around for a more positive spin, 50 more weeks of the same old grind, then two weeks of happy vacation! Lounging on the beach while the kids beg for money and things.

The same old grind is a boring way to look at life. It's not cutting loose enough for my tastes. Instead, there's something to be said about embracing the old grind, even transcending the old grind. That would mean being so mindful and purposeful about your life that everything is fun, or if not fun, rewarding.

Like whatever I have to do today. I could look at it as drudgery. Getting in there and slogging it out. The various chores I have around the half acre and house. Or I can see it in more personal terms, like what they always say about a vocation, as my purpose, a calling.

But what kind of calling is it, what I do? For the average person looking at it, they might say it's no calling at all. It's just the random everyday duties of a guy who needs to scrape like the rest of us. Yes, I have an advantage, since I'm on disability (a game toe), but that doesn't mean I do nothing. I have plenty of responsibilities.

And, as you know, I've been spending a lot of my time (informally) in the teaching field (self-certified), leading people (strangers on the internet mostly) in some of the pointers that relate to self-esteem, confidence, and personal pride. I could consider that a grind, but I don't. It's very rewarding to know that many of my readers (no doubt) are transcending their circumstances this very second, thanks to what I've been able to share.

Today's pointer is just that, to transcend our circumstances, as they relate to the daily grind, the old grind. And to see it in more purposeful terms. There's no telling what greater things you can accomplish just by a few mind tweaks as to how you see things. Instead of drudgery, everyday is the opportunity of a lifetime! To do good work, to touch and bless those around you for good.

I've got my nose to the grindstone and it's a great thing! Now I'm cranking it so it won't wear down. And letting the sparks fly where they will!

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