Monday, November 16, 2009

My Morning Moxie On The Ball


I'm about drifting off. Thinking how tired, how tired... Then I remember, I'm up, I need to be at 'em. There'll be time for sleeping later.

Being "up and at 'em" means having a certain level of attitude -- confidence, pride, self-esteem, and trust.

But such qualities are sometimes nebulous, tough to understand fully and conceptualize.

I try to think of it in terms of themes, phrases that I can think of through the course of a day, to remind myself of my aims and abilities.

Today -- Moxie on the Ball. The terms "moxie" and "ball," I don't know what they mean in the dictionary sense. But I know them psychically.

You have "moxie" and it means something like creative potential, inner strength and purpose pumped out of some innerterranean well.

And "on the ball" means being alert to it, aware of what your potential is in relation to the moxie. My mom used to say "Get on the ball!"

Get with it. Get with the plan. Get with the program. Put your creativity to the test, go through life with the confidence you need.

So today I'll be off doing many things -- some things I can predict, some I can't. For all things, I will depend on my Moxie on the Ball.

So can you!

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