Tuesday, November 17, 2009

The Land Beyond Concept -- Don't Think About It


I ate some chocolate without eating it. It goes around and melts in your mouth.

Still, somehow it finds its way, through gravity and a lack of other options, out of my mouth to my belly.

From there, it's a matter of whatever consciousness takes over after I've had the pleasure of taste.

In that consciousness, still rooted in something very physical but taking over without apparent will, the process goes on.

It's an illustration -- like everything is, actually -- of the Land Beyond Concept.

I think I've love to visit the Land Beyond Concept. But of course that's where we all live anyway.

It's just that we stack up concepts all around it, like a big wooden fort in the old westerns.

I'm standing here, like corn inside the husk, or a banana inside the peel, like the maize queen on a brand of corn meal.

Strip off the husk, pull the peel down, get the carton out of the way, and what remains is the essential thing in itself.

Then get to the heart of that -- the inner heart -- and arrive at the Land Beyond Concept.

Now we can wander and frolic, whichever, and know all things without having to think about it.

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