Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Hercules Unchained -- A Piece Of Cake


OK, in this movie, "Hercules Unchained," he drinks some Forget'em Juice and forgets he's Hercules. So he hasn't got his strength anymore.

Isn't that wild? He has to know himself and believe in himself before he can bend a metal thing, twist bars out of shape, etc.

Fortunately he has a sidekick, Ulysses, who tries to keep him off the sauce. And it works! He starts to remember, "Hey, I am Hercules!"

It's a beautiful moment when he gets hold of the metal thing and bends it like a pretzel, more twists than Chubby Checker.

Ulysses is happy because now he knows they can get back to Penelope and the war.

And with Hercules knowing who he is -- it'll be a piece of cake.

Don't forget your inner Hercules, your essential identity as the Rock'em Sock'em robot that you really are. Spit out the sauce.

Dig down deep and remember .... What were all my powers as a kid, as a teen, as a 20-something, etc.? Why am I in a rocking chair NOW?

What am I doing sitting here looking up Grandma's doilies in a collectors' price guide? Have I forgotten my essential identity and powers?

I will unchain my inner Hercules! The powers that be will be the powers that be in me!


Peeing is not my cup of tea / But every time I have a cup / I gotta pee.

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