Thursday, November 5, 2009

The Riddle Of Neutral Optimism


Can you do something without trying to do it? That's a riddle!

Of course you can do lots of things without trying to do them. Like falling off a chair or sneezing.

But what about self-esteem, pride, and confidence? What about getting rid of worry in your life?

There's a lot of things that we really try hard at and fail. You can think of spirituality as a great example.

It's pointed out to us that it's by grace, but still we know (or think we know) that there has to be more to it than that.

So we struggle, climb, fall, brush ourselves off, try harder, until we're ready to move on to a lesser substitute.

Today I'm thinking about being neutrally optimistic, that seems to be the way of the organism without what we call higher consciousness.

Does a butterfly dream about getting a red corvette? Probably not. But it still assumes there are lots of other blessings for it.

It assumes -- yet it's not assuming. It's going toward a good end for itself, optimistic, but more neutrally so. Expecting without effort.

What a concept! It's enough to make me feel like sitting here today thinking about nothing and doing nothing in particular.

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