Monday, November 9, 2009

The Superspine Blowback

The Superspine blowback on Twitter today came fast and furious. Out of all the projects -- all the self-help teachings -- that I've had, this was the one that encountered the most opposition. Venomous stuff, too, not just poo-poo'ing.

I believe the "BS" word was spelled out, as though the Superspine teaching was itself suspect, not just me, the one setting it forth. That hit my mind like a ton of bricks. But lucky for me I had on my Superspine mentality, all ready to face the day. It was a godsend, giving me the strength not only to withstand the blowback but to offer a little of my own:

Superspine is looking for no arguments. Superspine knows what is truth for Superspine. When Superspine knows, Superspine knows.

That came out automatically, with great indignation. Then there was nothing more to say. All became silent.

Yes, Superspine knows. That's why he or she is called Superspine. There's no second-guessing on the part of people, popes, or pundits. They may kick and squawk, but through it all it all there's one thing we know: Superspine Stands!

Still, upon reflection, how tough it was and how utterly dependent I was in this case on the Superspine mentality. Any other day, with any other teaching, I might have crumpled right there. And I have before, so I know what it's like. But today I thought "No, I will prove the teaching is true, a psychological concept worthy of my other teachings, including 'A Hedgerow of Warring Angels,' 'Gigantic Strides,' 'All Due Diligence,' and 'Tough As Nails -- Nail Tough,' just to name a few."

The powers that be, of course they would have it otherwise. The powers that be are afraid that any of us "mere peons" would rise above our station, not just to fight back and stand, but to prevail. They would have us "Eat Cake." Their days are numbered. Because the Superspine teaching is out of the bag!

Yes, I've thought about the blowback today. But did it discourage me? No, it made me double and redouble, triple my efforts to be Superspine. Everything I've done today -- offline -- and it's been plenty -- has been with the Superspine mentality. I have done literally twice as much stuff today, so far, as I usually do.

I think of my spine of steel and no one has been able to get me down. Superspine flies over the masses and the powers that be. It's in their face ... right where it belongs!

Fellow peons, get the Superspine mentality. We shall prevail!

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