Monday, November 9, 2009

Superspine Knows Superspine's Truth


When you look at me you may see a mild-mannered reporter on Twitter. But today I shall reveal who I really am: SUPERSPINE!

Yes, Superspine. Combining the resiliency of a spine of steel with a mind of discipline and confidence.

I'm always keeping my self-esteem high, my confidence at peak levels, my pride overflowing. Superspine.

In the face of danger, there's no crumpling. In the face of frustration, there's a response of confidence. I'm constantly encouraged.

Against every foe, I stand tall and strong. They may lash me with a million wet noodles. I will stand there without wavering. Superspine!

If there's a battle to be waged, whether of muscle or wits, it makes not a whit of difference. Superspine will win the day, then everything.

It's true. No one is prepared to meet Superspine. We're geared up to think ourselves spineless and most others as the exact same.

Then we see there are plenty of bullies with a spine. But their power is not in their head. They can be brought down with spine AND brain.

Today, no matter what I face (and I recommend this to you, as long as you aren't in the same room as ME), Be Superspine! Stand tall.

And as Superspine ... watch the others fall ... kick butt and take names.

Superspine is looking for no arguments. Superspine knows what is truth for Superspine. When Superspine knows, Superspine knows.

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