Tuesday, November 3, 2009

My Mind Set -- How It's Going To Be


Set your mind and take better control of your life.

If you want to drive east, make sure you looking east through the windshield.

What you want out of life, tell your mind that's the direction you're going, then do it.

Your mind doesn't have to wander. There's all kinds of discipline you can depend on.

You can foresee many things throughout the course of your day. A response can be planned in advance.

Foresee people's humor. Laugh and add to it. Foresee people's pain. Be concerned and encouraging. Foresee the unforeseen. Roll with it.

Foresee someone trying to get your attention. Give it to them in a complete, graceful way. Go beyond what they expect.

No one will know what's going on. To them the process will seem seamless. Why? Because you set your mind that it'd be that way!

There's an expression we use (in my family, anyway) when we're hungry: "I've got my mouth set for [fill in the blank.]"

When my mouth is set for something, it's my preference that's what I have. But if I don't get it, I foresee that too and roll with it.

When setting your mouth, you've also set your mind. So nothing is outside your grasp.

This is a day in which I'm not forgetting these principles, this discipline. My mind is set and that's how it's going to be.

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