Monday, November 16, 2009

Hanging On My Every Word

To think of everyone "hanging on my every word" is a great honor. Thank you.

But it's also something that fills me with dread, to think of all the responsibility, to think I have to fulfill all those expectations.

It's tough to jump on cue, tough to perform when there are so many varied expectations. I don't know which way to go.

For a while I can handle it. I put something out here. Say a few things and hope for the best. It helps if I'm feeling creative.

But then, as life normally goes, my creative spark goes out, my creative juices dry up, and I'm left floundering.

Then I'm thinking of what I can't go, plus the expectations everyone has, plus my own expectations of myself to fulfill the demand.

Obviously at some point you start thinking it can't go on that way forever. And it can't. Something got to give.

But don't give up on me. All is not lost. I have ideas.

The basic way to deal with this is to break out of a particular cycle, and start in on something lower key, but still with integrity.

Just say something different. Anything. Give them something. Throw out some red meat.

Then you're looking for a groove, trying to find a groove.

You don't want to give up what you're known for. That's still your bread and butter, but you're expanding your repertoire, as it were.

So, anyway, thanks again. I appreciate it, no matter if there come those times I have to shrink back and regroup.

You're still all all right with me, and let's keep it that way.

You keep "hanging on my every word" and I'll keep on trying to do my best. That's an agreement you can believe.


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