Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Set Your Mind And It's Done

This is definitely the way to live. Set your mind and it's done.

You can get on with your day quickly. The idea pops in your head, something affirmative, you say "Yes" and you're on your way.

There's way too many allowances for pit stops, laziness, mental junk food, and sass. This whole mental, physical, spiritual thing called me is designed to work in harmony with the constituent parts. To expect unhealthy relapses is no way to live.

I'm setting my mind today. I set it yesterday. It seems like it'd be great to be able to set it and not think about it. But what kind of fun would that be? If you consciously and purposefully set it, that's a good time to give yourself some positive strokes, backward and forward. You know, even Fixodent says Fixodent and forget it. But it's a daily process. You don't just put on an enormous layer the day you get your false teeth and forget it.

Let me see here. How am I going to set my mind? In a certain sense, I already have. Because I've already been up for about three hours doing things. But I can still set it for what looms ahead.

There may be chance meetings with people through the day. I'm setting my mind for a good, calm, friendly attitude toward them. I'm setting my mind to not show uncomfortable surprise or shock. In addition, I'm setting it to take everything in stride.

There may be opportunities for wit. This is a tricky subject. I'm setting my mind that it would be appropriate, in keeping with the tone of the moment. I will not thrust it upon anyone or unnecessarily prolong it. Both of these are a sure sign of an unset mind.

There will be completely unexpected things. Again, calmness is the default setting of choice.

Even now I'm imagining forward, thinking about what might happen. I'm going to recalibrate things here -- OK, done! -- not to get too specific in that. Because it's my intention to face what comes with freshness, genuine responses. For that, I will set my mind to automatically reset itself incrementally on the fly according to my general preferences, well known to it by experience. Anything major, check with Central Command. Anything typical but still needing a tweak, tweak it and we'll also evaluate it on the fly.

My personal theme today -- not an unusual one -- will be personal discipline. A mind that is free to engage in give and take but still tethered to good sense and reason.

Next, I'm setting my mind to smooth out any seams that might otherwise be visible to those I meet. This is a lot like the incremental resetting above. It will not appear that I am being calculating. Instinct is still my friend.

But I will be calculating to this extent: My attitudes and responses will be such that I will have few regrets. Anything that might otherwise get me down, I will have it so encompassed with mental forces, that I will come through in a cheerful way.

Lastly, for any mental alarms that may go off, right now I'm turning the volume off, setting it for vibrate only. So if you see a guy today who seems perplexed about something and his head is shaking like a hummingbird's wings, that'll be me.

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