Friday, November 13, 2009

Getcher Motor Runnin'

Have you Gotcher Motor Runnin'? You don't? Oh!

Well, get to it and Getcher Motor Runnin'!

I started off this day in a serious funk. And, who knows, there's going to be things today that I'm not looking forward to. But I'm either going to step through those things tentatively or I'm going to Getmy Motor Runnin' and roll with confidence.

And since what I have to look forward to can't be avoided, which would be the best course of action? Hemming, hawing, thinking, O Lord, little ole me can't get this done with any confidence, diligence, pride, purpose, and drive? Or cranking up my mental motorcycle -- varooooooooooom, putting my feet in the stirrups, my hands on the grips -- and plowing into it, or, maybe I'll jump it.

This will be done, that will be done, I will exude all the confidence a cranked up motorcycle rider has when he or she gets the trip underway.

You got the wind in your hair, the sun on your face, dead bugs on your glasses, and it's like heaven on earth, zipping around a hairpin turn, then turning off the road for a spin about halfway up a big pile of gravel at a rock quarry that you happened to see. You're up there, spinning your wheels, then when you can go no farther, you crank it a sharp left and go barreling down in some kind of suicide spin, being adept enough to survive, then back on the road, not looking back.

My funk. How did I get rid of my funk? I read one guy's tweet on Twitter. Seriously. That's all it took. Oschambers said, "All of our fears are sinful, & we create our own fears by refusing to nourish ourselves in our faith." For me to nourish myself in my faith is just a flash of recall. And I know all about fears and the sinfulness of them. Not sinful like stealing, the "Thou shalt not do" stuff. But sinful in the ridiculous estrangement that we allow. And our forgetfulness. So we fear. And next thing you know I'm shaking in my boots. What's going to become of little ole me?

But we're not just little separate nothings, to be buffeted with every breeze. We've got it! We're One! The Temple of God!

A funk? -- That's no way for a person with dignity and worth to behave, certainly not in the long run. The way to behave is with all the confidence in the world. Getcher Motor Runnin', like the song says. "Yeah, darlin', gonna make it happen, get the world in a love embrace..."

I couldn't do it, I thought. My funk was very blahhhhh, despite my best efforts this morning. But now, I Gotmy Motor Runnin'. I'm gonna head out on the highway, lookin' for adventure in whatever comes my way!

Are you funked out today? I know exactly how it feels! It sucks!

Get up! Getcher Motor Runnin'. Change your mind, tell yourself you got it, all the confidence in the world!

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