Friday, November 13, 2009

Turnin' Off The Motor

Well, it's night. And it's about time to turn off the motor. I'm already slowing down a bit, and that with the advantage of a short nap early in the afternoon.

That was a nice pit stop for my mental motorcycle, with my dog in the sidecar. She never turns down an opportunity to take a nap.

But I've been up ever since, busy doing stuff. Did some actual work. Did a bunch of reading. I had my reading glasses on. I should say my reading glass, since to balance out my actual sight with the reading glasses I broke out one of the sides.

I'm reading a book by Marie Corelli called "Ardath." I'm enjoying it for the most part. The word "Ardath" is based on a verse out of a book in the Apocrypha. The name of the book varies from edition to edition, but in the Apocrypha I have it's called 2 Esdras. In the original King James Bible, it's 2 Esdras 9:26.

In the 1611 version it says, "So I went my way into the field which is called Ardath, like as he commanded me, and there I sate amongst the flowres, and did eate of the herbes of the field, and the meate of the same satisfied me." So does that mean anything to you? It doesn't to me either.

I started reading 2 Esdras but I haven't gotten as far as chapter 9. Even if I read it, though, this much is already clear. Knowing about 2 Esdras isn't going to have any bearing on my reading of Corelli's book. It would seem she just took this verse and used it for a springboard for her overall narrative. So the verse is more or less irrelevant. (I say this having not finished her book yet. I'm maybe less than 25% in.)

I'm kind of into Marie Corelli for the time being, since I read her book "A Romance of Two Worlds" in the last few weeks. She wrote (at times) of magical mystery tour sorts of stuff, people ascending into the empyrean glories, etc. Since that happens to me on a regular basis, I can easily relate. In fact, I might have to visit Ardath and see if it might ever live up to my normal experiences. I doubt it could. It was probably overrun with tourists in the late 1880s when this book came out and ruined. If you can ruin ruins.

So, it's getting on ... the time.

Let me say I think this was a great theme, a great concept for self-esteem, self-help, confidence, and pride: "GETCHER MOTOR RUNNIN'." It's going to live in my Hall of Fame forever and I might have to revisit all the themes someday. I thought of it numerous times today, anytime I felt a little hesitant or stymied: "Getcher Motor Runnin'." And it charged me back up, my motor definitely on the run.

But now, every mental motor needs a break. It's time to shut down the old motor works for the day and get out of here. Until we meet again, may all your days be "GMR" days.

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