Friday, November 20, 2009

Next Up: My Own Salt Lick

I might be about half cow, as much salt as it seems like I eat.

I realize salt isn't entirely good for you. But I like it on lots of different foods. Including pork chops, which I had a couple times today, with salt. And a grapefruit, which isn't complete till it's been well salted.

Then some salt ends up on the edge of the plate and of course it needs to be consumed too.

So I'm sitting here tasting a mouth that's very salty. Not salty language, since I don't allow anything blue on my site. Just the little white sprinklies that come in a shaker. They're very good.

Why do cattle like (or need) salt? I do no know. It must be something that aids their digestion, since there's no way farmers give cattle salt just for the taste of it.

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