Monday, November 9, 2009

Superspine -- A Spine Of Steel


Fellow peons, get the Superspine mentality, and stand up to the blowback. We shall prevail!

No one dares judge a concept or mentality that gives actual super powers. Because those who prevail, know.

A spine of steel is worth its weight in gold.

Superspine haters, kiss this!


It's been quite a day, prevailing as I have with the Superspine mentality. Actually, since I can't say I'm Superspine precisely, I worked at the Superspine mentality. This is a concept that emphasizes personal strength and innate abilities. It's a glorious thing.

Why the concept of the Superspine provoked so much controversy and, yes, blowback, I don't know. Unless it really does go along with my first suspicions, that the powers that be want to keep the Superspine mentality for themselves.

It's very eye-opening, whatever the reason, to at least get the sense that you've stumbled into a closely guarded secret. Because that kind of blowback is exactly what you would have to expect were the mentality in question an actual closely guarded secret.

The blowback was so fierce, so constant, that I was taken aback. But it was at those times that having even the first hints of such a mentality sustained me. Then when I got into my actual work today, it was with Superspine thoughts that I accomplished so much.

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