Wednesday, November 4, 2009

All Due Diligence

My personal resolve refuses to weaken. I will press on in boldness and strength, exerting myself with all due diligence to get the job done.

That applies to whatever job there is. My resolve is such that I will have discipline to accomplish this, that, or the other thing. If it's set before me and is a part of my responsibility or duty, that is what I will do.

Once your mind is set, the resolve is locked in place. At that point there must be no loosening, no shrinking back to a place of laziness and excuses.

Just looking at this great picture helps toughen my hide for what the day may bring. I will be both the anvil and the guy pounding against it. Anything but the colorful marshmallow background! I will not soften or become a sticky, gooey mush, regardless of what anyone else does.

I like the looks of that old anvil: "ACME GUARANTEED." You don't want a bad anvil. So it's always best to get one that's guaranteed. You take a whack at it and it splits in two? That'd be the last anvil I'd buy from Acme, or whoever. The shipping on an anvil, it's high. You want one that's going to stand the test of time. And, frankly, I've never heard of a bad anvil. Whoever makes them knows by now how to get the job done.

Obviously I have a lot in common with anvil makers. They're tough and I'm tough. Except I'm made of flesh and bone, not iron. So it's tougher to successfully be me than it is to be an anvil. I have that as a point of pride. It represents me, and anyone who would exercise all due diligence in his or her life to get their job accomplished in a worthy manner.

There's not enough toughness in the world. There's too much softness. People falling away from their responsibilities and duties. Or in so many cases, never giving them a second thought in the first place. Like deadbeat dads. You want to stick it where you want to stick it, but there's a price to pay. That price is responsibility, deadbeat. You either need to be tougher or keep it zipped.

I've got going on here a "Drive for Pride," with some of the principles of self-esteem, confidence, and pride going forth. And yes, I'm taking my own medicine, and it's delicious. There's nothing more satisfying than keeping strict personal control, of being personally strong, mentally strong.

It starts with your mental framework. If you have it in you to say this is how it will be, then to follow through on it, you can have great success. If you will put forth all due diligence to get the job done, and to do it with appreciation for the responsibility and task, there's no stopping you.

Let this be another day of fulfilling our responsibilities and duties. Appreciate your work. Do it with sincerity and resolve. With all due diligence. Be tough, but also a nice person.

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