Sunday, November 15, 2009

Down For The Count -- Not


I thought I was "Down For The Count," since I was feeling low, down, full of remorse and empty.

So I made serious preparations to examine my personal status, what it meant to be Down For The Count.

And that really is the way it seemed -- there was no hope. The more I thought about it, the emptier I felt.

But then something weird happened. As soon as I started putting effort into describing being Down For The Count, it all switched around.

Just like that -- in a matter of seconds of this reflection -- instead of being Down For The Count, I'm up with new ideas, total renewal.

So I don't know why I had the conviction that I was Down For The Count. It's just another case of what we allow. We think it and it happens.

Anyway, praise be. I'm back and feeling pretty good.

But I'm going to save my next big confidence, self-esteem, Drive-for-Pride push till tomorrow.

And I'll hope that the renewed conviction I have today will still be with me tomorrow. Send good thoughts in my general direction.

Yes, yes, yes. Everything will turn out well. There's no necessary downturn. I'm not Down For The Count. I'm back up and at 'em, doing well!

I'm swinging, it's happening, I'm with it. My motor's runnin' again. There's nothing a little thought can't cure. Take it to the bank!

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