Monday, November 2, 2009

No More Old Grind For Me


The old grindstone awaits my presence. Well, let it wait, I might say, because I'm sick and tired of putting my nose to the old grindstone!

I might say, My nose is worn down badly, all the skin and cartilage is in shreds, and all that's left are the pipe cleaners sticking out.

And you expect ME to show up to work again today, to look down at that spinning obsolete contraption, and bend low to meet it again?!

Well! I might easily huff, Get yourself another man. I've been victimized by your profit-making schemes for too long, I'm outta here!

That's one way of looking at our daily round of work. Maybe your job is a toughie and you dread it. And yet you have to go to it, of course.

Another way is to start looking at life with refreshed eyes, where everything is a wonder, including what we normally consider a grind.

We might look at it like the great privilege it is, 1) to be alive; 2) to have something to do; 3) to spend our day doing it.

Personally, I've seen it from both sides, and they still come and go: "50 whole weeks of the same old grind, then two weeks of pleasure."

At times I can't seem to help it. That's just the way it is. Then at other things I think, Why not make the 50 weeks pleasure too?

It's a mental shift, of course, but one that can refresh us greatly. Meaning that what we do is a vocation, maybe an adventure, maybe fun!

Some of my little tasks around here -- BOORRRRRING -- I can look at them that way, or I can look at them as "This IS My Life -- Enjoy It!"

So I'm "Getting Beyond The Old Grind," leaping, bounding, flying over the concept of the Old Grind, and enjoying what I do.

Don't waste this day of life. Whatever crap-thing you're called to do, dive in like you just won the lottery. It'll be good for your spirit.

That's the way I'm going to face this whole day! Seriously.

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