Thursday, November 12, 2009

Today's G-Man -- Great, Great, Great


What, me worry?

Seriously, me worry?


I'm a G-Man today -- not Guns, Guts, Glory -- not Guts, Glory, Gravy from the other day -- but Great, Great, Great, those G's.

Everything about me and my (sometimes piddling) little life is going Great, Great, Great.

I don't say it to rub it in, in case someone out there is having a hard time. My full sympathies.

I know there are plenty of things that could be going badly for people that would not be their individual fault. Again, my sympathy.

Today it's my own little neck of the woods I need to be concerned with, since Who doesn't struggle from time to time?

And anyone can celebrate and be happy if things are going Great, Great, Great!

And if they're NOT going Great, Great, Great for you ... you know, do the little things you can to nudge things along. Do what can be done.

About half the success in life is simply a matter of showing up.

Then you'll be on the path -- the wonderful, sunshine path -- of things looking up, going Great, Great, Great.

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