Sunday, November 8, 2009

Working Up To Willpower -- Gold Stars To All!


Clearly we don't all presently have the same abilities when it comes to the exercise of willpower.

I've shared today some very basic exercises for the increasing of people's willpower, and according to my feedback, they were very helpful.

So thank you to the ones who sent notes, informing me both of your success and your ... not-yet-successful attempts.

I want each of you to give yourself a gold star, a high five, a clap on the back, and an "Attaboy" or "Attagirl."

And if you're able to do one of these things, or perhaps all four -- then more power to you! You have more willpower than you thought!

For some of the ones who had a real difficult time of it, be encouraged. Today was just the start. Try it again tomorrow.

Let's review: 1) Try to raise your right hand from a table, keep it raised a few inches up for three or four seconds, then lower it again.

2) Stand from a chair, walk around the room (or stand in one place if walking would be too much), then be seated again.

Very good! I'm proud of you. For those who were able to do it -- great job! You're well on your way to being a person of strong willpower.

I've specifically addressed some of your concerns on my blog. There are some things you can do. Don't give up quite yet! All is not lost!

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