Friday, October 2, 2009

The Celebration Of Me -- (Ding, Ding) It's A Gas

I've loving the "Drive for Pride," all the things I've been learning about self-esteem and personal pride. It's been (ding, ding) ... a gas.

I started out -- my spirit was shriveled like a raisin. So you can see how fast and hard the mighty had fallen.

Then, as I recall, looking back, a couple weeks ago maybe, I blurted out something about a "Drive for Pride," and everything just took off from there.

At first I thought I could teach it, and that was the immediate plan. Then I realized, no one's going to open a school to a guy who can barely hold his head up, while alone! Obviously I had a lot of learning to do before I had anything to teach. And yet, in a way, here on the blog anyway, I've been teaching right along.

One day I got a comment from a guy who said [the misspellings are his]: "Very thoughtfull post on achivement. It should be very much helpfull". I like that. I think this guy is from a foreign country, so, you see, I'm not just learning, I'm teaching in some kind of universal way. And if I'm teaching in a universal way, then my blog must be a "university," in a manner of speaking. The University of Me.

Me, me, me, me. I, I, I, I.

Self-esteem really (ding, ding) ... is a gas. I've evolved from a shriveled raisin to a shriveled prune to a shining apple. I'm the apple of my own eye. I've got pride, much pride, I'm brimming over with pride. I could be in a parade but the pride parade never comes by my place. They'll have to start ... immediately! I'll get my sacred back scratcher and lead the band!

Friends, I shall not be long with you today. I'm going to be off ... celebrating me. Thinking over the brain I am. I'm like pure mind. Thinking over how true it is that everything I touch is gold. "Every little thing I say is magic, everything I do, it turns me on. All the en-er-gy I have is pranic, and that's the only meaning of my song."

En-er-gy -- (ding, ding) it's a gas.

The air up here is thin, my friend. And you know what air is, don't you? (I'm not going to pester you about it.) Air is what I breathe. And today I'm breathing self-esteem air. Which is, one last time, (ding, ding) ... a gas.

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