Friday, October 23, 2009

Open To My Muse


Are you open to your muse?

It's one way of thinking about creativity or anything you need to accomplish.

What are the good forces that are on my side? What can I do to curry favor with them? Prayer, flattery, cash payouts?

I'd hate to think my muse was a big burly cigar-chomping sleazebag behind a desk with a bunch of Gypsy Rose Lee posters hung around.

If I didn't take his idiotic ideas he'd break my legs or something.

Whether I have a muse or not -- and sometimes I think I do, sometimes I don't -- it's a good thought, if you can imagine a decent one.

Maybe just as bad as the sleazebag muse would be a school marm muse, who's so prim, proper, and high strung she won't let you enjoy life.

Let me run an idea by you -- "NO!"

However you imagine it, whatever the source of creativity -- and it might be like bugs, they just appear from nowhere -- we know we have it.

Muses or not, each of us can let our minds go, then bring them for some kind of output. Yours might be a symphony, mine a primal scream.

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