Saturday, October 17, 2009

King For The Day -- It's Royal

The "King for the Day" -- me -- is surveying his Kingdom, both at Blogger and Twitter.

Not a bad kingdom, pretty good in fact. But it's amazing I lost 6 followers today, who must be anti-monarchical.

If it's any consolation -- and I the "King for the Day" am very accepting -- it was mostly mad marketers trying to sell something.

How is my "King for the Day" day going? It's very interesting being a royal. What I say goes. But there hasn't been anyone to talk to.

I left my clients and wanna-be's outside. No entry today. Solve your own problems, or suffer for 24 hours. I'm being kind to myself.

Of course it's easy money to have them stream through my office -- but what's money if I don't have time to spend it?

Having a day off is a good thing. (I'm even boring myself, but what is there to say?)

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