Monday, October 19, 2009

Inner Wolf Or Inner Wounded Elk?


A man in full wolf -- with a full Inner Wolf consciousness -- moves through the world with confidence.

What would be better for confidence, self-esteem, and pride? The Inner Wolf consciousness or the Inner Wounded Elk?

So ... make your choice. I felt like a Wounded Elk before. Which makes a sad picture. But a few minutes looking within, the Wolf emerges.

I'm going to move through the day like I own this forest.

Whoever else is around will be safe, because I'm not really a wolf. But I'm under a wolf skin of consciousness, looking out with those eyes.

There's very little bigger and badder than a wolf that you're likely to meet in the course of a normal day.

Chances are you and I aren't going to run into each other today. But if we do, look for the glint in my eye, and give me a wide berth.

Or if you also are bringing-forth, manifesting Your Inner Wolf, maybe we can come together over a plate of Elk legs.

~~Huff, huff, howw---uuulll~~. I am A Man In Full Wolf.

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