Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Inner Beauty -- A Sunbeam Called You


There shouldn't be any discussion about physical beauty vs. inner beauty. It's been completely resolved. Except in our thinking.

This is one where we know the truth perfectly well, but still we wonder, "What will people think of me when they see me?"

Whether it's first impressions we're trying to influence or maintaining the impression people have of us from years gone by.

I'm very realistic when it comes to looks. You look the way you look. And if you worry too much about it, you're just wasting your life.

It's the same thing with age. There shouldn't be any discussion about it, because you were born when you were born. Period. Everyone was!

As for the impression we make, it really is up to us to use what we've got in the best way, such as being clean, normal for the situation.

There's all kinds of things you can do to present yourself as charming, interesting, pleasant. There's no reason to give up on ourselves.

The biggest secret is to feel like you've got it together inside. If you can believe in yourself inside, the rest takes care of itself.

And that's where giving yourself some mental boosts along the way will do you good. Keep it personal, reward yourself with an inner smile.

I have some childhood pictures I printed off, a big stack of them. I look at them and remind myself of my thinking back then, the innocence.

There wasn't any thought of these worries back then. Remind yourself! You're exactly the same person, just the thinking has changed.

There's lots of inner beauty when you start thinking of your parents, what they had to do (heh heh) to have you, and how special you are.

I think of dear old Dad getting ready for their date, thinking, "Oh boy!" And Mom putting perfume on her neck. Then that SPARK that was ME!

Everything in heaven, let's say, pushed them along. Then that beam of light shone down on the backseat of their car. A big stork got ready.

I was that sunbeam! That sunbeam was ME! That sunbeam was YOU, depending on what car we're talking about, where your parents were parked.

So it's like being reborn. We don't want to mentally regress, just get rid of some of the crap that's piled up from the years gone by.

Then we can remember (and not forget) how special we are and what beauty we have through and through!

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