Saturday, October 24, 2009

Don't Let The Wild Side Of Pride Getcha


Pride is something everyone needs, but it is often hard to handle because it has a wild side.

Think of some of the commonplace sayings about pride, like "Pride goeth before a fall." You get it bad and -- WHAM -- there you goeth!

But if you haven't got it, you try to get it. Then when you get it, you wish you didn't. Rather, the people who know you wish you hadn't.

Still, pride like anything that's desirable has its value. Especially if you let it know you're the boss. And control it like a sane person.

I've seen pride's wild side get the best of people. They're always trying to keep up with the Joneses, then frequently declare bankruptcy.

Or in the case of muscle builders, pride twists them in knots and they're so ugly children point and laugh and others quickly look away.

And you know, women muscle builders wear a tiny bikini top just so people won't see theirs are smaller than men's.

What's the problem with these sad folks? They started working out, then the wild side of pride got the best of them and they couldn't quit.

To have self-esteem that's worth having, it's necessary to keep your pride in check. Do yourself and all of us a favor.

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